In this article, we have compiled the 5 best UV LED nail lamps recommended in 2022, And tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a UV LED nail lamp?

A few important parameters for choosing a LED UV nail lamp

1) UV lamp or LED lamp?

Why is the light so important? Because the nail polish used for nail art mainly has two materials: gel and acrylic resin, and the gel of which needs to be cured by UV light reaction, in the encounter with ultraviolet light will react, can become hard and accelerate the solidification, the current nail lamp on the market in addition to “UV lamp“, “LED lamp”, and “UV LED lamp”, considering that there may be some formulas of nail gel does not apply to the LED lamp, so in the recommendation of everyone Buy UV LED lamp.

Here science under the basics, ordinary UV lamp wavelength of 365 mm, belonging to the UVA and LED lights using a light-emitting diode, belonging to the visible light, the same as ordinary lighting light, no harm to human skin and eyes, about the two sources of light in the safety, quick-drying efficiency, comfort, energy-saving, convenience, etc. to do a comparison, see the following table.

Light sourceSecurityQuick-drying efficiencyComfortService lifeConvenience
LED LightWith the ordinary lighting light, basically no harmAbout 30 secondsThe cold light source, no obvious burning sensation10,000 hoursSolid lamp beads, not easy to break
UV LightDestroys collagen and darkens the skin3 minutesProduces heat and a burning sensation1000-3000 hoursLamp, easily broken

From the above performance comparison, it is recommended that you choose the LED nail lamp, but the price of LED lights relative to UV lights to be quite expensive, this should be a combination of their economic vision to consider.

2) Power

Nail lamp power 5w, 8w this small machine, basically too thick glue is not dry, generally speaking, the greater the power, the faster the light glue dry, you can also refer to the number of beads, such as 48 beads than 32 beads of higher efficiency.

3) Illumination time

No matter what kind of light source you choose nail lamp, you have to control the lighting time if you want your hand not to be black, if you are doing nail art at home, according to the base glue, color glue, sealer, no wash sealer, corresponding to the UV light / LED light time is different.

  • Base glue: UV 120 seconds, LED 60 seconds
  • Color glue: UV60sec, LED30sec
  • Sealer: UV120sec, LED60sec
  • No-wash sealer: UV180sec, LED90 seconds

4) Details

These parameters are the most critical in deciding a nail lamp, a good nail lamp in addition to meeting the above conditions, in the details of doing is also very careful of the user’s feelings, mainly in the following areas.

  • The bottom plate can be removed: because many fairies also want to do a manicure to the foot, so the bottom can be removed nail lamp, easy to put the foot in
  • Button: everyone is at home for their own use, the button is best at the bottom or in front, easy to control not
  • Leakage: Some nail machines are leaky at the back, you may accidentally put the color glue behind the machine, so wasted.

But then again, the nail lamp for a long time will certainly lead to skin melanin surfacing, it is recommended not to do nails repeatedly within 15 days, it is best to wait for a skin cycle of 28 days before doing, if you really can not help it, then do a good job of protective measures!

  • Apply sunscreen to your hands, preferably with a SPA+++ rating or higher
  • Wear special gloves with UV protection, preferably UPF50+
  • Reduce the time of nail lamp use, turn off when nail polish is solidified

If you look at the above after these still will not choose, then in accordance with 48W, LED / UV dual light source, with removable chassis this standard to choose, of course, you can also refer to the brand products I recommend to you later.

1. Skywei


Reason for the recommendation.

  • 48w high power dry fast
  • Upgraded version of 24LED, dual light source design
  • Uniform baking nail surface, quick-drying efficiency increased by 25%,
  • Light therapy gel polymerization hardening lasting

Skywei smart LED UV nail lamp


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  • I received it very quickly. Very good to use ah, as expected, good value for money, affordable, timely delivery of express, the family feel quite good, good results, always like to use, will continue to buy! Happy shopping experience!


GNL001 Nail Lamp

Reason for the recommendation.

  • Intelligent LCD display
  • One key timing intelligent induction
  • Double light source (365+405NM) shine dry all glue
  • LED white sunlight does not black hand

120W UV LED Lamp Nail Dryer

Air Gel Polish Mini Rechargeable Table Portable Paint UV Led Lamp Nail Dryer

GNL001 Nail Lamp

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  • Although it took a few days to arrive, the quality of things is perfect! I personally identified before I came to share the evaluation, Oh! The nail lamp is very textured, removable, very convenient! Three-time gear adjustment, humanized design, good! The first time to do their own nail art, the effect is great! And save a few hundred dollars!

3. Melodysusie

Melodysusie 1

Reason for the recommendation.

  • Infrared sensor
  • Three intelligent timer
  • Timely heat dissipation to prevent hot hands

UV LED Nail Lamp True Professional Nail Dryer


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  • I trust this brand very much! This time the challenge of nail polish, the baking lamp is a must, induction identification, very convenient, the hands-on effect is good, baking lamp after baking sealer color bright, shiny surface, and nail salon to make the same effect, since they do their own nail polish, save the nail salon thousands of dollars, Nice!


sunuv 1

Reason for the recommendation.

  • LED dual light source can shine UV light therapy glue, etc.
  • Arc portable design, lightweight and convenient
  • Infrared intelligent sensing, recognition of hand operation



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  • Always want to buy a home UV disinfection lamp, after all, every year the flu children and the elderly are prone to disease. UV disinfection lamp disinfection is more thorough. This time because of the epidemic hand quick to buy, very lucky, logistics is very fast, the next day delivered. The appearance is a very high-end atmosphere and classy is iron, very textured, divided into three grades, the basic bedroom with 15 minutes on the line. The living room area is large with 30 minutes. Easy to operate. After the end of a strong smell of ultraviolet light, very safety.


aevo 1 e1641280351159

Reason for the recommendation.

  • LED double light source can shine UV light therapy glue, etc.
  • Intelligent touch button, the length of time is clear at a glance
  • User-friendly / cell phone holder
  • Infrared intelligent sensing, recognition of hand operation. Easy to use



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  • I got this because my toenails ALWAYS take the longest to dry, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. OMG!! You will not regret it! They dried so fast. The bottom plate is detachable (through magnets) so you won’t have to worry about touching your foot when drying your fingernails. It is fantastic! The phone holder is not wide enough to hold my phone, but that’s because I have a thick case on it. It would be able to hold a case-less or thin case phone. Beyond happy with this product. This product made me want to write my first review on Amazon (that’s how good it is).

The above-recommended nail lamp brands and models are based on the sales of the major platforms and positive feedback, user reviews, love the degree of comprehensive consideration recommended, I hope this recommendation help you buy LED UV nail lamp!

I hope this recommendation can really help you!

Wish you all the best!