Although the temperature has not been high, from the windows outside the sky flying willow and flotsam and cat hair scattered by the fur kids running around the house can still perceive that spring is long here—It means that you need an air purifier!

This season is loved and hated, spring and warm, flowers and trees grow like crazy, with all the beauty and romance, but because of the fine particles in the air and uncomfortable. Living in the city, haze, pollution and all kinds of dust particles can not be avoided, so you have to rely on reliable high-tech players(an air purifier) to fight them.

Did a lot of homework and chose the UVCA UAP001 air purifier for the first-floor guest dining room, and it fits our needs in every way.

UAP001 Air Purifier

Simple design and high value can easily fit into all corners of the home, small size and easy to carry, for our home this duplex structure is simply too friendly.

Powerful, 360° circulation air path design, purification speed is super fast, a machine can cover the entire space of my first floor. The standard of this air purifier is 10 times better than the European standard, so it is super reassuring to use.

Easy to operate, one key to turn on, PM2.5 values and allergens, harmful gas levels can be displayed on the screen in real-time, at any time to control the air quality at home. It can also monitor the air in real-time, intelligently control the on/off switch, and not only make regular appointments and monitor in real-time but also remind replacing the filter in time.

Low noise, does not affect daily life and sleep, shooting VLOG at home does not need to turn off, in addition, there is a more silent sleep mode that can be selected, which is really quite thoughtful.

The change of season days, feel the long-lost natural air, at home to breathe freely, look at the book hug the cat fiddling with flowers and plants of the small daily is also very cute ah.