Why do I need a UV Lamp? When I was a child, I loved the smell of sun-drenched blankets, filled with a fresh smell, but when it comes to the rainy season, the gloomy and humid atmosphere makes people very uncomfortable, and this environment also tends to breed all kinds of bacteria, plus now during the epidemic, I’m really worried about the surrounding environment, I can’t wait to use disinfectant three times a day for disinfection, but these treatment methods will have sterilization is not complete, odor, trouble to deal with, etc. So it is necessary to install a UV lamp in your home.

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1 Which wavelength of UVC has the strongest germicidal ability?

We all know that UVC can kill bacteria because it can destroy the genetic information of microbial pathogens (DNA/RNA) so that they cannot reproduce and multiply.

We recommend that you choose the wavelength is about 254 nm UV lamp because the wavelength is the shortest energy highest, its sterilization ability is also the strongest, can be widely used for indoor objects surface and air sterilization, considering that we need to have ozone function, it is recommended to choose 185 nm wavelength and 254 nm wavelength mixed UV because the wavelength 185 nm UV can turn oxygen into ozone.

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2 Do you need an ozone UV lamp?

We all know that ozone has a strong oxidation effect, direct oxidation of the internal structure of bacteria, inhibit the destruction of DNA, RNA, to play a sterilization effect, ozone can be diffused in the air, compared with the characteristics of a single straight line UV lamp, can play a very good complementary role, but ozone will stimulate the human respiratory tract, high concentrations will also hurt people’s eyes, not recommended for crowded places to use ozone The function. Please remember that the room should be ventilated for at least 30 minutes after ozone sterilization to avoid high concentrations of ozone causing harm to humans.

PS: According to the relevant industry standards, the measured initial ozone output rate should be no less than 80% of its nominal value.

3 How do you choose a UV lamp?

1) Service life

Although we seldom pay attention to the service life of UVC germicidal lamps when we choose, as long as the object has a certain life, the state according to GB/T 19258-2012 standard requirements for the life of the UVC lamp is not less than 5000h, generally speaking, the average life of 8000h, high-performance products can reach more than 10,000 hours.

We need to wipe the lamp every once in a while during daily use and replace it every 1-2 years to ensure the radiation intensity of the UV lamp at work.

2) Lamp material

There are two types of UVC germicidal lamp materials on the market, quartz and high boron, considering that the irradiance of high boron UVC lamps may not be up to standard, it is recommended that you give preference to quartz lamps to ensure radiation intensity.

UVC germicidal lamps are physically disinfected at work, no secondary pollution, low energy consumption, kill viruses and bacteria with a broad spectrum, no other chemical pollutants, it is because of these advantages, so very popular, but if the quality of the UVC germicidal lamp is not excellent will have certain hazards, so it should be best to choose a fully qualified manufacturer, including test reports, certificates, instructions, etc. to be complete. Therefore, it is best to choose a fully qualified manufacturer, including test reports, certificates, manuals, etc.