UV Light is actually a safe and effective method of disinfection against the disease.

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UVC lamps (wavelength below 280 nm) in ultraviolet lamps can effectively kill viruses, other UV lamps may not be as effective as this type. In-home applications, UVC lamps are the safest way to disinfect people, pets, and plants as long as they are not in the environment at the time of exposure.

The 4 major benefits of disinfection with UV lamps

  1. Using UV lamps to disinfect, masks can be reused in relative safety.
  2. Things bought outside can also be disinfected using fewer alcohol sprays to avoid safety problems.
  3. Clothing and shoes can be disinfected first before washing, cleaner.
  4. UV lamps can be reused many times, greatly reducing the cost of anti-epidemic.

Which is divided into the market can produce ozone, and do not produce ozone UV lamps.

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UV light that produces ozone


Features are in addition to the ability to produce UV sterilization, while you can produce ozone sterilization, double sterilization will ensure that there is no dead end.


Pay attention to ventilation, ozone in a certain concentration, the human body is affected, especially for pregnant women and babies have a certain impact. Ozone in the open environment and ventilation will be very fast decomposition into oxygen, as long as the ventilation after maintaining irradiation is relatively safe.

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 Ultraviolet Lamps use strategy

Living room and other general living areas, the less shaded the ozone lamp the simpler, the better, can be placed in a relatively high position, the irradiation range will be more comprehensive. When purchasing, you need to find a UV lamp equipped with a remote control to ensure that individuals are not irradiated when using it.

The items that need to be disinfected most will be as close to the UV lamp as possible, but also not attached to the lamp, UV lamp disinfection function will decrease with the increase in irradiation distance.

The bedroom can be placed on the bed, you can spread the front and back of the quilt separately and irradiate it for half an hour so that not only the new crown virus but other types of bacteria and fungi, and mites can basically be killed. This is also an upgraded version of our usual sun quilt.

You can kill the things you buy back from the supermarket, not too long, in about 15 minutes will do, you can find a deeper box and make a UV box, preferably with a lid. I personally recommend irradiation is best with the outside bag because there is no long-term research to prove whether there is no problem with long-term eating UV irradiated food.

UV lamps can be placed in high-risk areas such as toilets, kitchens, entryways, washing machines, and dryers for weekly disinfection.