As the epidemic spreads, using a sanitizer box to the sanitizer phone is a thorough and effective way to do so. Now, I will teach you how to use a UV disinfection box to disinfect your mobile phone. The UV sterilizer is also very effective, but the price is a bit expensive.

udx006 uv box

Be sure to sanitizer phone frequently to ensure it is safe and sterile!

  1. Purchase UV cell phone disinfection kits online or in electronic stores(e.g. eBay). Make sure that the model you buy can fully accommodate the phone and close the case, otherwise, it will not be able to effectively disinfect it.
  2. Put the phone in the disinfection box and close the lid. Open the lid of the sterilization box, and then put the phone screen upwards into the bottom. Make sure it is not stuck, otherwise you will not be able to close the sterilization box tightly. Slowly close the lid to activate the ultraviolet light and start the disinfection.
  3. Put the phone in the sterilization box for 5-10 minutes. There is a bright signal light outside the sterilization box, indicating that it is working.
  4. Put the phone in the disinfection box, do not open the lid, so that ultraviolet rays can effectively kill the bacteria on the surface of the phone. After 5-10 minutes, the signal light will go out, indicating that the phone can be removed.
  5. Please wash your hands before removing the phone. Wet your hands with warm water, apply hand sanitizer, and rub for at least 15 to 20 seconds. Before opening the lid of the UVC box, please wash soap and dry your hands. After taking out the phone, you can use it as usual.