In the special period of the fight against the epidemic, households have begun to buy a UV lamp for disinfection in addition to protective supplies such as masks and hand sanitizers.

However, recently, due to improper use of UV lamps, resulting in frequent news of eye injuries. For example, a man burned his eyes when he used the UV lamp to disinfect his mask, and a woman burned her eyes when she turned on the UV lamp to disinfect the room without leaving it. Professor Huang from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us how to use UV lamps correctly and how to deal with them once they have injured the eyes.

UV lamp

Injury to the eyes will have eye-stinging, fear of light, tears and other symptoms

Professor Huang introduces, a UV lamp is the use of mercury lamps emitting ultraviolet light to achieve sterilization function, it radiates a large amount of ultraviolet energy if there are no protection measures, it is very easy to cause great harm to the human body, especially to the eyes, will first damage the epithelial cells of the cornea, after being irradiated by UV lamps for about 2-10 hours, the eyes will appear foreign body sensation, and then eye tingling and burning sensation, fear of light, tears, eye cramps, blurred vision, and other symptoms.

UV lamp

How to use the UV lamp correctly?

When using UV lamps, no one should be in the room, and 30 minutes to 1 hour of UV lamp exposure is appropriate; avoid looking directly at the light source or touching the UV lamp; families should always wear protective glasses or sunglasses when operating disinfection lamps. In public places, if you encounter UV disinfection, you should avoid it in time, and pay special attention to avoid children with thin skin cuticles from entering the UV operation area by mistake.

UV lamp

What should I do if I hurt my eyes?

1. If you suspect that your eyes have been injured by UV light, do not take eye drops by yourself, but seek medical attention at the first opportunity. On the way to the doctor or during the waiting period, keep quiet, you can use a towel soaked in cold water to put on the eyes, close the eyes to rest.

2,Go to the hospital emergency, the ophthalmologist will routinely give the eye local drops of surface anesthetics such as bupivacaine, eye pain, tearing, and other symptoms can be quickly relieved, disappear, but the surface Once the anesthetic is over, the pain and tears will return, so doctors often give sedation, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs or eye drops that constrict blood vessels according to the severity of the condition. By the way, bupivacaine and other painkillers are narcotics, and more use will damage the conjunctival epithelium of the eye, so it cannot be prescribed as an outpatient drug.

3. After emergency treatment, in addition to resting with eyes closed and reducing light stimulation, try to reduce eye rotation and abrasion. If only the cornea, conjunctival epithelium damage, after emergency and correct treatment, usually 8-10 hours later, the symptoms will slowly disappear and heal.