How is green water treated in fish tanks? Today, we will take you through the usefulness and use of the germicidal UV lamp for fish tanks in detail.

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With the development of the times, more and more people are now keeping fish. Whether it is at home or in the office, fish keeping is now a trend. Keeping fish can exercise one’s patience and at the same time make the mood happy. Some people choose to keep ornamental fish in their living rooms, and the “parents of the fish” put a lot of thought into ensuring that the fish grow up healthily.

However, many people’s fish tanks turn green after a few days, but many people are not experienced enough to know what the problem is. If you look closely you will find that if the tank is placed in direct sunlight the water is more likely to turn green! Nature is amazing, and the sun is a great thing to feed all things fish, but the sun can quickly make the water eutrophic and breed lots of green algae as well as all kinds of microbes. There is also the fact that if you leave the lights on for a long time 24 hours a day inside the tank and feed a lot of fish, the water will turn green even faster. Many people find it troublesome and tiring to change the water every few days, but this is not good for the health of the fish.

Today I am giving you a way to effectively reduce green water, green algae and various bacteria and microorganisms – a germicidal UV lamp for fish tanks. But there are some consumers who question the effectiveness of fish tank UV germicidal lamps, I hope the next introduction to fish tank UV germicidal lamps will be useful to you.

1 Germicidal UV lamp germicidal principle

Some fish keepers may not be aware of what germicidal UVC lamps do, right? UVC germicidal lamps are actually a type of low-pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamps are used to emit ultraviolet light when the mercury vapor pressure is low (<10-2Pa) and is excited by two main spectral lines: one at 253.7 nm; the other at 185 nm, both of which are invisible to the naked eye. UVC germicidal lamps do not need to be converted to visible light, the 253.7 nm wavelength is very good for germicidal purposes. The energy of the UV photons is absorbed by the base pairs in the DNA, causing the genetic material to mutate, causing the bacteria to die instantly or not be able to reproduce offspring, achieving the purpose of sterilization.

Germicidal UV Lamp

2 Do UV germicidal lamps work?

Some fish keepers have reported that their fish have died after using a germicidal UV lamp and suspect that it is an invisible killer. This suspicion has not been confirmed and there may be other reasons for the fish to die. But there is no doubt that UVC germicidal lamps are excellent at removing algae.

Germicidal UV Lamp

3 How to use a fish tank UVC germicidal lamp

To use a germicidal UVC lamp in a fish tank, you must use a low-efficiency motor to pump the water into the germicidal lamp, the slower, the better, to ensure that every drop of water that comes out is irradiated by the germicidal lamp for a longer period of time, to have a superior effect. UVC germicidal lamps have a short life span and are usually less efficient after six months, so use a timer and use it for a few hours a day, its germicidal function is enough, after all, saving money is an important thing!

Germicidal UV Lamp

4  The selection and use of UVC germicidal lamps

There are many types of UVC germicidal lamps on the market today, in a variety of sizes. There are many people who choose a smaller UVC germicidal lamp, and some will choose a larger one. When we decide on a UVC germicidal lamp, we need to select one with a low-efficiency motor that will hit the water into the germicidal lamp, the slower, the better, to ensure that every drop of water that comes out is irradiated by the germicidal lamp for a longer period of time, which will give a better effect. UVC germicidal lamps do not need to be switched on every day, just four or six hours a week. In addition to this, germicidal UVC can also inhibit the growth and spread of fish germs.

UV lights are still very useful for fish tanks. If you don’t believe me, you can do an experiment. Take a photo of what the tank looks like without the UV lamp. After using the UV light for a period of time, what is the state of the water or the fish in the tank.

Germicidal UV Lamp

UVC germicidal lamp experience summary: UVC germicidal lamp is a very practical thing, but many people feel that expensive not very willing, in fact, a UVC lamp can be used for several years to maintain a good living environment, good water quality can greatly reduce the incidence of fish, UVC lamps undoubtedly greatly improve the quality of the water, especially for green algae also have special effects. In addition, UV germicidal lamps are germicidal to the water, and will not affect your biochemical filtration system, this is all germicidal water can not be compared.