2021 is most worthy of your attention is Omicron, according to the current Omicron prevention requirements found on the “wear a mask, handwashing, disinfection, more ventilation”, a few, most people may not know much about disinfection, so today let’s talk about the home UV lamp.

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As many people know, sunlight contains UV rays, and UV rays are one of the easiest and most effective ways to kill viruses and bacteria. UV lamps simulate natural UV rays, and it is only necessary to turn on the power and shine the light for a few minutes. Generally, household UV lamps can do the job, and recently, due to the influence of Omicron, we have seen online that the supply of household UV lamps almost exceeds the demand.

uv lamp

1 What is the principle of UV lamp disinfection?

Ultraviolet lamps use ultraviolet light emitted from mercury lamps to achieve germicidal and disinfection functions. By irradiating the surface of an object for a long time, it can cause damage to the cellular DNA and RNA structure of the biological surface, thus achieving the purpose of killing viruses and bacterial microorganisms.

2 How to choose a UV lamp?

Many people are not familiar with UV disinfection lamps and are at a loss when it comes to purchasing them, here are a few suggestions.

1) Precautions

  1. The use of ultraviolet disinfection will generally decompose the oxygen in the air and produce ozone, the human body directly inhaled ozone will cause discomfort, such as chest tightness asthma hair fainting symptoms, so the general use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps need to immediately open the window ventilation, about 30 minutes before entering into contact with disinfection items.uv lamp
  2. The use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps needs to ensure that the disinfection area is not alive because ultraviolet light has a killing effect on living things, such as for an adult, long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation will cause skin lesions, resulting in eye damage, electro-optical ophthalmic, etc. The operator should not keep looking at the disinfection items, because even if the ultraviolet light does not directly irradiate the human eye, but can be reflected through the walls, other smooth objects for light sources, but also damage to the human eye.

2) Recommendations

In fact, for the general family, UV lamps have not been more reliable disinfection products, this disinfection lamp is commonly used in a variety of baby swimming pools because the UV killing effect is good, no odor and pollution, loved by many businesses. For families, the use of general disinfectant, disinfectant spray can be, general supermarkets and shopping malls can buy, if the family has a small baby, worried about disinfectants for babies cause harm, you can buy the mother and baby disinfectant, it is non-toxic non-hazardous, good killing effect, especially for families with children at home.