Have you heard of UVC LED lamp beads? Traditional ultraviolet disinfection lamps generally use high-pressure mercury lamps to generate ultraviolet rays. Mercury and ozone are generated during work, causing environmental pollution, so mercury lamps slowly withdraw from the stage of history. Nowadays, it is the UVC LED lamp bead that replaces the mercury lamp. This lamp bead just makes up for the various shortcomings of the mercury lamp, and its small size and efficient operation have been more and more widely used.

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1 UVC LED lamp beads fast surface sterilization equipment

According to the information, this product is the current disinfection sterilization time is fast, which uses a special optical process UV LED, can be inactivated within 7 seconds, such as smartphones or smooth surfaces on the device more than 99.9% of the germs. For public places under the disinfection and sterilization of small personal digital products has important significance.

UVC LED light beads

2 The birth of a point sterilizer that effectively blocks airborne germs

The body of the sterilizer is equipped with UVC LED light beads, which effectively irradiate and inactivate germs through cyclones (air ducts) and reflections in the tube. The body is small enough to work without leaking UV light into external structures, making it especially suitable for use in spaces and scenarios where people coexist.

UVC LED as the future of ultraviolet sterilization mainstream components, more properly solve the traditional mercury lamp sterilization time is long, unstable wavelength, the product can not coexist with the use of people, easy to pollute the environment after replacement and other deficiencies. Without changing the design of the original product, the product can be upgraded to a sterilization function. Effectively enhance the competitiveness of the product in the same industry. Small size of UVC LED can be combined into a sterilization module. In a short period of time, to achieve super sterilization capacity, to achieve more efficient and rapid sterilization efficiency. Widely used by global sterilization brands. It is believed that in the next few years, UVC LEDs will be widely used and accepted by the public.