How to make a uv sterilizer box?

Material: 6w Philips UV lamp, a bench box at home, turn off the power regularly, some tin foil.

The method is very simple: the box is covered with tin foil to reflect ultraviolet rays, the lamp is fixed on one side, the wire is connected to the external timing socket, and the mobile phone is placed inside with a shelf.

Not only can sterilize mobile phones, I have disinfected stinky shoes, after disinfection, there is a slight smell of being exposed to the sun. Of course, the mask must be fine.

Tips: The average family should avoid excessive disinfection of UV lamps. The human body has its own system for regulating allergic reactions. If it is kept in a sterile environment for a long time, the immune system will not be able to fully function and it will be more vulnerable to pathogens. Before using ultraviolet lamps at home, be sure to read the instruction manual of the ultraviolet lamps in detail. Keep your eyes and leaving the disinfected area to avoid burns to the skin by ultraviolet rays.