UVC lamp disinfection effect is actually affected by many factors, such as irradiation time, irradiation distance, irradiation environment temperature, humidity, lamp cleanliness, etc., if you do not pay attention to the use of methods and details, the sterilization effect may be greatly reduced. UVC in the disinfection process can be described as “six relatives”, the human body also has a certain degree of injury, the human body is the most vulnerable part of the cornea of the eye, so at no time should not use the eyes directly on the lit lamp to avoid injury, in case you have to look, you should use protective eyewear or mask.

UVC lamp beads


The best time to use UVC lamp beads sterilization should not be less than 30 minutes.


When conducting air disinfection, it is best to place the UVC lamp beads at a distance of 1.8m-2.2m from the ground; the effective distance for object surface disinfection is generally 25cm-60cm, but also need to spread the object or hang it up so that it can be fully irradiated by UV light directly.

UVC lamp beads


In the room temperature of 20 ℃ -40 ℃, UV radiation intensity is the largest and most stable, sterilization effect is also better, if the room temperature is lower than 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃, it is necessary to extend the irradiation time.


It is best to use UVC lamp beads when the sky is clear and the room is dry. It is not recommended to use it immediately after mopping the floor or wet wiping furniture, because UVC germicidal disinfection also has requirements for air humidity, and the best effect is achieved when the humidity is 50%-60%.

UVC lamp beads

UVC lamp beads service life

UVC lamp beads are used for a long time, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation will also be weakened, the sterilization effect is reduced.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to replace the lamp after a cumulative use time of more than 1000 hours. Usually, you should also pay attention to keeping the lamp clean, it is recommended