This article takes you to distinguish whether we have a false demand or a real demand for the UV lamp by understanding the usage scenarios of the UV lamp and preventing consumer traps from appearing.

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1 What is the working principle of the UV lamp?

Ultraviolet lamps are used to excite low-pressure mercury vapor and emit ultraviolet light, when the wavelength of 250 nm-260 nm plays a photochemical effect, on the destruction of bacterial DNA, to prevent the growth of bacterial reproduction, to achieve sterilization effect.

uv lamp

2 What scenarios are UV lamps suitable for?

The germicidal effect of UVC lamps is mainly related to the irradiation time and UVC intensity. Different lamps, with different UVC intensities, produce a wide range of uses.

Since UVC lamps have a germicidal effect, they can be used in public places to avoid the spread of germs in the air or on the surface of objects. At the same time, there is the elimination of musty odor and play a certain role in air purification.

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For example, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, cinemas, buses, offices, hotels, pet stores, and other types of public places, especially during the epidemic, various places need to be fully disinfected, UV germicidal lamps play a good role in the protection.

——But is it really necessary to use UV lamps at home?

——In my opinion, it is very necessary!

3 At home, how to use the UV lamp?

1. Kitchen

The combination of garbage + humidity is a breeding ground for bacteria because of all the food waste generated in the kitchen every day, plus all the washing and brushing and water everywhere.

We need to often all the appliances in the kitchen, all cleaned well, and then moved to the sun, the purpose is to “sun dead bacteria, sun off the smell of mold”. Now by using the built-in UV lamp sterilization cabinet, dishes, cupboards, tabletops, etc., is actually simulated sun disinfection! But it is much less work than moving to the sun.

UVC bag&UVC box for food

In addition, the bathroom is no less humid than the kitchen, you can also use ultraviolet bacteria removal lamp to disinfect the bathroom regularly.

2. Bedroom

Bedroom sheets cover pillows, must be diligently washed and changed to remove mites, the weather is good, we will sun a quilt. Often heard: sun-dried quilt sheets, sleep will have the smell of the sun. Later I learned that this fragrant scent is actually caused by the microorganisms and burning mites killed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

But if the bedroom air circulation is poor, the lighting is not very good, living for a long time will produce odors, and even closet may be damp, when you want to run the whole room, it is a bit of a problem. I wish there was a little sun in the room! UV bacteria removal lamp to also, sterilization and mite removal, so convenient, wow!

UV lamp

3. Living room

The living room is mainly a place for family and friends to communicate, more people, bacteria are bound to be more, so, after the family and friends leave, you can use the UV bacteria removal lamp to disinfect the air and sofa.

In addition, the living room entrance is generally placed with shoe cabinets, shoe cabinets in an open, there will be very difficult to stabilize the smell, so that guests at the door retreat. Therefore, it is also necessary to disinfect shoes and shoe cabinets on a regular basis.

UVC bag&UVC box for home

4. Special cases

On the one hand, it is for the elderly, infants, pregnant women, weak and special people, on the other hand, it is like for families suffering from hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, tuberculosis, and other diseases, especially need to pay attention to the disinfection of utensils and tableware.

5. Precautions

Sun you are also afraid of tanning or sunburn skin, the use of ultraviolet bacteria removal lamp, also need to pay attention to avoid irradiation to people, especially people’s skin or eyes. Therefore, when using UV germicidal lamps, try to avoid the time when people appear.

So, for safety’s sake, try this [infrared body sensor automatic shutdown] function of the UV lamp:

Price: $28.5~$33.6

This is a UV germicidal system with a sterilization rate of 99%, it disinfects an area of 55-150 square meters, just enough to cover the living area of a conventional family.

Price: $4~$15

This is mainly the lamp, which can be embedded in various places needed, such as the kitchen sterilizer, closet, and so on.

Price: $6.84~$7.41

The general car environment is relatively closed, easy to produce odors, car people can also be installed in the car a UV germ eliminator. Of course, this car sterilizer can also be used at home, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, children’s room, etc.

UV lights can not be considered a consumer trap, it is actually like many smart homes, really help us to improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, so that we can live in peace of mind, live comfortably!