Naill Lamp


We are taught to wash hands everyday, to keep the virus away. But we all ignore the nail disinfection which is also important in our daily life, that’s why we develop this nail lamps as one of our products.

High Quality: Broken-resistant ABS material, easy to clean and more durable.
Sunshine Light: comfortable eye contact, relieving burning sensation.
Double Light Sources: (365nm+405nm) Leds to cure UV Gel/Extension Gel/ LED Gel and all kinds of gels.
High Capacity: Thanks to its large size and removable bottom, it’s easy to clean and can be used on toenails as well as nails.
Unique Design: Fashion design, let a person fondle admiringly. Comes with cooling fan, the heat dissipation is more smooth, discharge the heat generated by the machine.
Service Life: Comes with cooling fan, your machine has a service life of more than 50,000 hours.

I believe that air purifier is suitable for escalator, elevator, factory, and other opened facilities.

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