What is UVC sterilization?

During the COVID-19 epidemic, everyone is at risk of being infected, and many different measures have been taken, such as alcohol disinfection, frequent handwashing, wearing masks, etc. Of course, UV sterilizers are also one of our options. There are many advantages of UV sterilizers, such as cleaning, high efficiency, easy to use, and so on.

There was a customer from Europe who hoped to donate 5,000 UVC lights to a local kindergarten during the COVID-19 epidemic. The client chose a disinfection lamp with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. The picture is as follows:

UVC lamp tube

You may have noticed that what we sell is not just a UVC tube, but a complete set of UV tubes, including brackets, power cords, and plugs.

In this way, our customers can directly install it on the wall or ceiling. The plug we choose is the European standard. Of course, we can provide the plug types from all over the world. According to the different voltages of each country, different production standards and service life are adopted. It can reach 8000 hours.

The lamp holder can be made of stainless steel to prevent damage during transportation. Of course, ceramic heads can also be produced.

Since the lamps are fragile, we will increase the quantity by 1% as a gift in the contract terms for the customers who purchase the lamps, so as to prevent the damage of the lamps during the long-distance transportation, and to compensate for the loss of the customers in time.

The following are pictures of packaging and shipping when the product is completed:

Packing photos

packing photo-2

Sending them by air to EU after 15 days.

As an emerging means of sterilization, UV sterilizers have the following advantages:

  1. It is made of a high-quality quartz glass tube, the hydroxyl content is less than or equal to 50ppm, and the ultraviolet transmittance is greater than or equal to 90%.
  1. Ultra-low mercury technology, the mercury content is less than or equal to 5mg, which meets the international standard.
  1. The effective life of the hot cathode is 8000 hours, and the cold cathode is more than 20000 hours.
  1. Zirconium aluminum sheet technology can absorb impurities in the tube and prolong the service life.
  1. The ultraviolet lamp has a strong sterilization and disinfection effect, which can cause the bacteria to change or die.

And our company’s ultraviolet lamps overcome the disadvantages of high price and short lamp life. Most of the lamp life can reach more than 8000 hours.