What is a pacifier sterilizer? It is popular for newborn moms these days because of the expansion of COVID-19. let’s read on.

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1 What is a pacifier sterilizer?

A Pacifier sterilizer is an appliance specially used to sterilize milk bottle’ Pacifiers. This type of appliance is also called a baby bottle sterilizer or a baby bottle sterilizer. Its disinfection methods have developed from traditional water-boiled disinfection to steam disinfection and microwave oven disinfection. “GB14934-94 Standard for Disinfection of Tableware” includes two disinfection methods: thermal disinfection and detergent disinfection. The disinfection effect and safety of these two disinfection methods have been strictly verified and are widely used. Among them, steam sterilization at 100°C or boiling at 100°C for 10 minutes is suitable for baby bottle sterilizers.

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2 Selection criteria for Pacifier Sterilizer

  1. It is not advisable to choose the split type, because this kind of sterilization pot has poor sealing and the cleaning time is shorter than that of the integrated type;
  2. The disinfection time must meet the national tableware standard, which can be more than 10 minutes;
  3. The electric heating plate should be open, and the hidden type cannot remove scale;
  4. The material of the electric heating plate should be stainless steel, and the aluminum material is easy to rust and perforate;
  5. One-key control is required, and timer control is inconvenient;
  6. If you want to bring drying, choose internal drying. It is not advisable to choose the one with an air inlet at the bottom and artificially increase the gap between the barrel and the heating plate. That is to use outside air to dry the bottle, which will blow a lot of bacteria and dust;
  7. It is best to choose the one with the ability to sterilize regularly;
  8. The number of baby bottles to be accommodated should be six. Too few will increase the number of disinfection, power consumption, and physical exertion; too many baby bottles will extend the shelf time and affect the cleaning of the baby bottles.