UV lamps for the COVID-19 disinfection effect are obvious to all, more and more people began to use UV lamps to protect themselves. But many people have neglected to use UV lamps need to pay attention to what? Today we will explore in-depth, what are the precautions when using UV lamps?

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1 The use of UV lamp

UV lamps produce UV light with a wavelength of mainly 253.7 nm when energized, which has a good killing effect on microorganisms. It is widely used in daily life to disinfect water (bottled water, sewage, etc.), object surfaces, dining utensils, and air.

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2 Advantages of ultraviolet disinfection

UV disinfection has the advantages of easy operation, economy and practicality, no pollution and no damage to the surrounding environment and goods, etc. The disinfection effect is obvious.

3 Hazards of UV light exposure to the human body

Ultraviolet light can irritate the skin mucous membrane and eyes, causing harm to the human body.

Short-term exposure to health damage to electrophotographic ophthalmic and skin burns. Long-term exposure can cause skin pigmentation, skin thickening and roughness, cataracts, and so on. In severe cases, it may cause skin tumors or cancer.

4 Applicable scenarios

Although UV lamps are good, they are not free to use. They are generally used in places with clear disinfection needs, such as medical institutions, schools, childcare institutions, the catering industry, etc. Cafeterias and health care rooms should be equipped with UV lamps or mobile UV disinfection carts for indoor air disinfection and smooth object surface disinfection. However, they are not recommended for use in classrooms and activity rooms in childcare institutions and schools.

In this new crown pneumonia outbreak, many people are using UV lamps for disinfection in their homes. For families, it is not only unnecessary but there are huge health risks and should be avoided as much as possible. In February this year, a hospital in Dongguan City saw three patients on two consecutive days, all with eye and skin burns due to improper use of UV lamps at home.

5 Use of UV lamps disinfection considerations

First, the disinfection effect. UV disinfection effect is affected by the quality of the lamp, irradiation time, disinfection distance, temperature, humidity, lamp cleaning, and the object to be disinfected, and other factors. Second, good protection. Avoid damage to health due to UV radiation.


  1. Purchase qualified UV lamps and install and use them in strict accordance with product instructions. Make a good record of the time of use and replace the lamp in time after it reaches its service life.
  2. UV light penetration is poor, generally used for smooth surface disinfection, uniform irradiation of the parts to be disinfected.
  3. Keep the surface of the UV lamp clean.
  4. Disinfection, when the temperature < 20 ℃ or > 40 ℃, or relative humidity > 60%, should be appropriately extended in irradiation time.
  5. The switch should be set on a wall more than 2 meters from the ground, with a switch box cover and a prominent warning sign posted on the box cover.
  6. UV lamps should be used unattended for indoor air disinfection.
  7.  Certain types of UV lamps produce ozone during use and should be ventilated in time after disinfection is completed.

Standardize the use of UV lamps, more care, less risk.