Daily air disinfection of pet stores and disinfection of appliances is vital to pet health. In addition to the use of traditional chemical disinfection methods, it is also necessary to combine effective physical disinfection. Today, we will introduce an effective physical disinfection method: UV lamp disinfection.

 UV Lamp

UV lamp disinfection does not kill 100% of the bacteria and viruses in the environment and does not make the environment sterile, but it can significantly reduce the number of microorganisms in the indoor environment. For the pet store environment, it is a necessary tool for disinfection.

 UV Lamp

Effective UV lamps, which parameters should have the conditions.

  • The effective wavelength of the germicidal UVC lamp is between 250-275nm.
  • The room temperature should be between 20-40℃.
  • Humidity between 55-60% killing effect is the best.
  • The intensity should not be less than 70uW/c㎡.
  • The effective use area should be greater than 1.5W/㎡.

The first condition is simple to control, as long as you buy a reliable product, you will basically meet the standard.

The second condition, find your own way to control, whether it is open-air conditioning or other methods. If the temperature is not up to standard, to properly extend the disinfection time, the standard time for each irradiation is at least 30 minutes in the effective area. Therefore, you can extend the irradiation time appropriately.

The third condition, in some places, may usu

ally humidity will not meet the standard, especially in the wintertime, indoor humidity twenty to thirty is a very common thing. Here to recommend industrial-grade fog-free humidifier, the kind of humidifier that can see the fog, do not buy, there is no role. Industrial-grade fog-free humidifier, the sound is a little loud, but the effect is very ideal.

The fourth condition, the effective intensity of the new lamp should not be less than 100uW/cm, and the old lamp must reach 70uW/cm² to continue to use, with the increase in the number of uses, the lamp will age, so the intensity will also weaken, so it is recommended that every six months to test the UV intensity, the data does not reach 70 to replace the lamp. The test method can be used in the following chart, this test paper.

UV lamp

The fifth condition is to calculate the use of your house area. The general market common lamps and lanterns for 30W, 40W, 60W. According to this data, the use of 60W area is 40 ㎡.

There are two main types of commercially available UV lamps, one mounted directly on the roof of the shed, and one is mobile. I personally do not recommend the shed roof installation, because it is inevitable that the mistake of pressing on the open light, resulting in a full day or all night disinfection. The continuous generation of ozone may harm the skin as well as the eyes.

UV Lamp

Personally, I still recommend the mobile UV disinfection equipment. It can be moved and is more convenient. You can buy and sell according to your actual needs.

Finally, it should be noted that: when disinfecting indoors, no pets should be left behind, doors and windows need to be closed tightly, and homes with new air systems should be temporarily closed. After the disinfection is finished, the ozone decomposition is complete, then let the pets enter. In addition, usually keep the surface of the UV lamp clean, because the dust attached to it will weaken the intensity of UV radiation.