Project Description

UVC Disinfection Bag

UDA002 Multifunctional Large Ultraviolet Ozone UVC Portable Sterilizer

  • Model No. :UDA002

  • Minimum Order Quantity:200

  • Features

    • Rated Input 5V
    • Rated Power 3W
    • UV Lamp Life 5000~10000h
    • Wavelength 185nm+254nm
    • Material Nylon
    • Temperature: Working Temperature (0-40℃)
    • Supply Ability 500000 Pieces Per Month
    • Advantage UV + Ozone Sterilization;Easy To Use;High Capacity

Features Picture


  • Customized Production Capacity: 500,000Pcs/Month
  • Delivery Cost: Can be included by the sea.

Additional information

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