usl001 uvl light

USL001 254nm/222nm Foldable Handheld Medical UV Sterilier Light UVC Sterilier Lamp

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usl001 uvl light

*Customizable package with your brand (or neutral packing)

*254nm and 222nm for you to choose

*All are CE certificated, test approved

*Sterilization rate 99%

*No harm to human body(222nm)

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Model No. USL001

Minimum Order Quantity 10


  • Material ABS
  • Light source power 2W
  • Average service life 8000-10,000(H)
  • Wavelength 253.7/222(nm)
  • Sterilization Ultraviolet +Ozone
  • Weight 200g

Quality Matters!

  • Each unit inspected
  • Rigorous Manufacturing Process
usl001 uvl light
usl001 uvl light
usl001 uvl light
usl001 uvl light


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Jacquelyn,Purchasing Manager
I am a new client to UVCA, and they touch me once I got the reply from their salesteam. UVC box is a totally new products and business for me and my company. They did a great job in the trail order. Look forward to my next shipment!
Alonso, Product Engineer
UVCA teams is great. I am a little confused when they ask me to write a review. But everything is okay. All of my products has arrived before and I am start selling on my website now. If any quality problem happened, will update later.
Anthony, Purchasing Manager
I am just a buyer who only need 1 piece for my house. thanks for the UVCA team I finally got uv sterilizer, quality assured UV lamps. I know many people are in panic due to the COVID-19. Keep safe and be healthy. Or just get a sterilize products in your house.


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Solutions to Fit Every Need
Size of Lamp

Length and diameter of lamp tubes can be customized by your requirements to fit for your holder.


We have three options of waveleng, 222nm, 253.7nm and 185nm(ozone).

Outer Shape

You can only purchase lamp tubes with holder to install it on the wall. Or we can make it as a table lamp in the room.

Motion Detection

For wavelength of 253.7nm and 185nm, we can add a new function called motion detection, which will turn off automatically when people come into the room.


Innovative, Responsible, Efficient

We have a large number of UVC products in stock and R&D laboratory, high-quality standards, Inspection service, and a full refund policy for all of our clients around the world. We can provide quality corresponding to different prices.

Customization Parts:

  • Lamp Powers
  • Plugs
  • Packing Design,
  • Remote Control

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