Project Description

Water Disinfecting Lamp

6W/12W/16W/25W/30W/55W Stainless Steel UV Sterilizing Water Disinfecting Lamp

  • Model No. :USW001

  • Minimum Order Quantity:200

  • Features

    • Power 6W/12W/16W/25W/30W/55W
    • Housing material 304 stainless steel
    • Flow rate 0.5GPM~12GPM (0.1m³/Hr~2.7m³/Hr)
    • Lamp life 8,000h
    • Operating pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
    • Fault Alarm Light/Audio
    • Input Voltage 110V~220V(50/60Hz)
    • Total size 255mm~950mm
    • Total height 63mm~85mm
    • Tube Diameter 50.8mm~63.5mm
    • Inlet and outlet 1/4~3/4 male/sixth valve
    • Logo Custom

Features Picture


  • Customized Production Capacity: 10,000 Pcs/Week
  • Delivery Cost: Can be included by the sea.

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