In this study, the UV disinfection cart and the hanging UV disinfection lamp used in the department were checked for UV intensity every quarter according to the disinfection routine. The method of inspection is to place the UV intensity indicator card at a distance of 1 m from the vertical lamp after the UV lamp has been lit for 5 min, and then be irradiated by the UV lamp for 1 min, and observe the color change to qualitatively determine whether the intensity value of the UV lamp is qualified? Let’s learn more!

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1 The basic composition of the UV disinfection lamp tester

The tester is divided into 3 parts: test rod, central control, and remote control. Test rod part: mainly consists of rod, fixed frame, test card placement frame, micro control motor, UV shield card rod, fixed frame, and test card placement frame are made of lightweight stainless steel. The micromotor is a DC 6v micro motor. The UV shielding card is made of black shielding plastic sheet in the radiology laser film box. The central control part: 5min and 1min timer remote control circuit and alarm circuit designed by the microcontroller. Remote control part: mainly consists of remote control receiving and remote control transmitting circuits.

UV Disinfection Lamp

2 The basic principle of UV disinfection lamp tester

According to the above UV disinfection lamp intensity of the basic working process and the existence of the problem proposed the working principle of the tester: the central control part of the power plug into the AC 220V power outlet in the UV disinfection car power is on then insert its socket into the central control part of the output socket test rod fixed in the disinfection car fixed lamp beam indicates the card is pre-positioned in the test card security rack so that its light-sensitive part is aligned with the UV tube being tested and then the masking card blocked Test card. After the tester leaves the room, the tester starts working by pressing the switch of the remote control to light up the UV lamp timer. 5min later, the central controller outputs a 1s, 6V pulse to open the micro-motor and motor test card cover card to expose the test card to UV light. 1min later, the central controller gives a reverse pulse to the micro-motor. After 1 min, the center controller gives a reverse 1s, 6V pulse to the micromotor to close the shield card. At this time, the alarm works to remind the tester to end the test, you can remotely turn off the tester and UV light to take off the test card to end the test.

UV Disinfection Lamp

3 Results

The uses of the tester by various departments show that the tester really avoids the operator from being burned by ultraviolet light and simplifies the workflow to improve the work efficiency and the accuracy and credibility of the results. Due to the use of the tester UV disinfection lamp intensity test has a unified test standard to avoid human factors caused by the inaccuracy of the UV intensity test can not provide a reliable basis for hospital infection detection.


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