Damp and dark environment? No time to dry the sheets? There is a bad smell in your home? When you encounter these situations, do not know how to do? The ultraviolet lamps can help you solve the problem. So how to choose a terrific ultraviolet lamp for the family?

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1 How to choose an ultraviolet lamp? How to identify the misconceptions?

  • First, to choose a disinfection product production health license, sterilization rate should be high, to have a sterilization report;
  • Second, the power should be sufficient, sterilization effect is only related to the power, high power, applicable area;
  • Third, to be cheap, cost-effective, the sterilization effect is similar in the case should choose cheap, domestic brands are also good choices;
  • Fourth, with ozone disinfection effect, is better, ozone can be in the air 30 minutes decomposed into oxygen, with no residual no negative effects.

We have to identify several misconceptions: first, imported must be good? Imported more expensive, but by no means better, domestic UV technology has been the international leader; second, the price must be good? The high price is the high cost, production, and marketing links, not better quality; Third, the ozone lamp can only be industrial, not household? UV + ozone is widely used even for food disinfection, home disinfection is naturally possible, but we should pay attention to the ozone in the air will be decomposed into oxygen before entering the room, decomposition, and no residue and negative effects.

2 Use precautions

1. When using people and plants and animals to leave the scene Oh, please do not look directly at the UV light source, should be used in the absence of people, because UV radiation can cause skin erythema, conjunctival irritation, and easy fatigue, etc.

2. In the process of use, keep the surface of the lamp clean, such as the discovery of dust, please turn off the wipe, otherwise affect the sterilization effect.

3. To disinfect the pet house. Please ensure that pets do not touch the sterilizer and cause damage.

4. If the sterilization space has antiques, paintings, and calligraphy collections, please use a rag or paper to shade the collection before sterilization.

5. Sterilization should be collected after the end of the collection to avoid damage to the sterilizer and personal injury caused by misuse by children.

6. Use ozone UV germicidal lampwork is completed, wait 30 minutes to enter and then open the window ventilation for at least 30 minutes, to be ozone decomposition before entering the disinfection site

usl001 uv lamp

3 What is the working principle of a UV disinfection lamp?

UV disinfection is the use of ultraviolet radiation to make bacteria, mites, and other microorganisms RNA and DNA to produce chain breaks, so that they lose the function of reproduction and survival, to achieve purpose of sterilization, is a purely physical principle Oh when using people and plants and animals must be away from the scene it!

4 The difference between ozone and non-ozone.

Ozone is UV light + ozone double sterilization, UV light can not be irradiated by ozone sterilization, the effect is better; no ozone means only by UV light sterilization, light can not sterilize the place; use ozone disinfection lamp 30 minutes before entering the room, ozone in the air for about 40 minutes can be decomposed into oxygen, no residue, is safe. After disinfection conditions ventilation or willing to wait a longer period of time before entering the room; similar to restrooms such as the need for strong disinfection places, you can choose to have ozone lamps; disinfection hopes to immediately enter the room, or worry about the ozone legacy to the elderly / children / pregnant women recommended choosing no ozone lamps!