Even in formaldehyde has become a cliché today, there are still a large number of people who blindly follow the crowd, misunderstandings are quite deep. I’ll give you a summary of some knowledge about formaldehyde, highlight is a here-air purifier

  1. There is no 0 formaldehyde furniture, only try to choose furniture and building materials with an environmentally friendly logo.
  2. Formaldehyde most from the adhesive, will continue to decompose and release formaldehyde, volatile 3-15 years long.
  3. Open windows and ventilation forced convection, effective and affordable, the disadvantage is slow, the rain will also wet furniture
  4. Is it useful to remove formaldehyde from green plants? Yes, but it is limited, only microgram level.

The previous notes have mentioned the purchase strategy, to see the parameters is the CADR value ➕ CCM value ➕ noise ➕ air volume, comprehensive multifaceted air purifier horizontal review comparison, I got and experienced the UVCA UAP005 air purifier, share my feelings with you.

UAP005 Air Purifier

[Parameters]: formaldehyde CADR>650m³/h, formaldehyde CADR>400m³/h, formaldehyde CCM grade F4, is already a high level of existence.

[Doge] comes with mobile casters, convenient to move back and forth in the living room bedroom net air.

[Display] indicator design is very good, integrated PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, temperature, humidity, and other 5 sensors will be based on air quality to dynamically display red, orange, green, the first use is orange, 5 minutes to purify the 20 square meters of the bedroom once, the air purification effect is very obvious.

[Deodorization] This air purifier has strong deodorization technology, can remove odors at home, such as my master’s cat poop smell, smoke, the stench of grease, etc., after using it really feel the air is much fresher, winter can also remove static electricity.

[Cartridge]There are three drawer-shaped cartridges, a total of 7 layers of integrated structure, through layers of air filtering PM2.5, PM10, pollen, formaldehyde, TVOC, odor, and other types of pollutants, and split cartridge can be used for at least a year, more durable than ordinary cartridge life, save.

[Noise]This fan, stable and quiet, the range is 34.5dB-64.4dB, you can basically ignore the noise when using 1-3 gears, while 4-6 gears of noise can be slightly perceived, 💤 sleep will not be affected.

This air purifier is also equipped with an APP remote control, a key on the way home from work, you can enjoy clean air, but also view the home air quality history data and filter life can be very convenient;

Comparison and analysis This air purifier is very good in all aspects of performance, the important thing is that the ability to remove formaldehyde is also perfect, the disadvantage I also want to say: the body is relatively large, the cartridge material is very real, suitable for more than two rooms a rooming house, will be more cost-effective