A UV air purifier is part of the company’s growing trend to meet stricter federal and state regulations with environmentally friendly solutions. The germicidal lamp provides this solution with innovative technologies for disinfecting air, water, and surfaces. UV air treatment is safe, simple, and cost-effective, so it is welcomed by many companies. It is easy to integrate UV air treatment into HVAC systems to purify the air and even control odors.

The use of UV-C rays to reduce pathogens or remove harmful and toxic chemicals in the air is important in various environments including residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare, and education. In order to work properly, the UVC air purification system requires long-term exposure and appropriate light intensity (254 nm, the most effective sterilization wavelength in the entire UV spectrum). In addition, UVC air purification does not produce any hazardous waste or by-products.

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1 HVAC air purifier

The most common UVC air disinfection system is installed in a new or existing forced ventilation system (HVAC device), and moves the air to the entire site and through the lamps, effectively eliminating fungi, bacteria, viruses, spores, parasites, and Microorganisms such as dust mites. These types of systems are used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities, where airborne bacteria and viruses can remain active long enough to spread throughout the building through the HVAC system. By successfully removing microorganisms in the air, it helps prevent the risk of infection in susceptible people.

UAP005 Air Purifier

2 Industrial air purification

Another important area of ​​UV air purification is the production of toxic chemicals, such as printing, plastics and rubber, or wood and surface treatment. Sterilization UV technology is used to reduce or eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are organic chemicals with high vapor pressure at room temperature, which will adversely affect air quality. In addition, industrial waste gas containing solvents can be treated by sterilizing ultraviolet rays.

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