The ultraviolet kitchen exhaust system provides many benefits by preventing the accumulation of bacteria and grease in the kitchen exhaust hood. This self-cleaning technology can eliminate odors and reduce the risk of grease fires, thereby providing a cleaner, healthier and safer commercial kitchen.

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1 Ultraviolet kitchen exhaust: benefits beyond sterilization

Ultraviolet technology provides disinfection solutions for various air, surface, and water treatment applications, among which high-intensity ultraviolet lamps have been proven to decompose organic compounds. UVC germicidal lamps are used in many environments where the elimination of harmful microorganisms is essential, such as hospitals, schools, and many public places including restaurants. Ultraviolet lamps help eliminate bacteria in the air and on the surface, provide a proven disinfection solution for restaurants and kitchens, and are equipped with food irradiation and ultraviolet kitchen exhaust systems.

For a long time, ultraviolet lamps with UVC wavelength emission have been used in HVAC systems to eliminate the growth of bacteria and mold in the piping system. This UVC technology has the same advantages and also prevents grease accumulation in commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) systems.

UVC Lamp for Water Purifier

2 How does the UV kitchen exhaust system work?

The main function of the kitchen exhaust system is to extract grease through mechanical filters and inertial devices. The exhaust of the kitchen range hood successfully removed grease particles. The remaining smaller grease particles and steam are then exposed to UVC light to break down the molecules. This process effectively prevents grease accumulation, thereby reducing maintenance, cleaning, and reducing the risk of fire.

3 Photolysis and ozonolysis

The UVC lamp in the UV kitchen exhaust system breaks down the grease particles in the commercial kitchen exhaust system through two different processes: photolysis and ozonolysis. Photolysis is a chemical reaction that occurs when a compound is broken down by photons. Photolysis decomposes molecular bonds and grease particles, and ozone decomposes and oxidizes grease molecules.

4 Install UV lamps in the kitchen exhaust system

The UVC germicidal lamp can be installed inside the exhaust chamber of the fume hood, in the stainless steel fixture on the top or back of the duct system. UV lamps should be installed in the kitchen exhaust system at least 10 cm apart to provide sufficient space for effective photolysis.

5 Decomposition of grease accumulation

During the photolysis process (also known as photodissociation), ultraviolet radiation reacts with air drawn in through the exhaust pipe of a kitchen range hood. In this process, photons break down oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms. The oxygen atoms combine with any remaining oxygen molecules to form ozone molecules, and the ozone molecules react with organic compounds in the grease.

This chemical reaction, called ozonolysis, will change the oily organic compounds in the exhaust gas, forming byproducts that are easier to clean, especially carbon dioxide and water vapor. Facts have proved that ozone decomposition can significantly reduce the accumulation of grease deposits in grease discharge pipes and engine hood discharge systems.

The advantages of ultraviolet lamps in the exhaust system of kitchen range hoods
Reducing grease accumulation reduces the maintenance and cleaning required for the kitchen range hood exhaust, and also reduces the possibility of grease fires in the kitchen exhaust system. As we all know, ozone can eliminate bad odors in the air, so ozone decomposition helps to eliminate the odor caused by the accumulation of grease, which can happen quickly in busy commercial kitchens.

The UV germicidal lamp in the UV kitchen exhaust system helps restaurant owners obtain many benefits, including:

  1. Significantly reduce the accumulation of grease in the kitchen exhaust
  2. Eliminate erroneous instructions from old, accumulated grease
  3. Reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen exhaust system
  4. Save cleaning and maintenance costs
  5. Support sustainable heat recovery
  6. Although UVC technology is safe and chemical-free, direct exposure to skin and eyes should be avoided. The safety measures of turning off the ultraviolet light when the kitchen exhaust device is turned off can protect the kitchen personnel.

It is important to use reputable UVC germicidal lamps and range hood exhaust systems to ensure the proper decomposition of molecules and the safety of kitchen and restaurant staff. The UVC system should be installed in the exhaust pipe of a kitchen range hood with multiple interlocks to ensure that the UV lamp is turned off when the exhaust system is closed or the filter is removed to prevent human exposure.

UVC lamps for exhaust systems in restaurants and UV kitchens

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