The UV lamp was originally designed for air disinfection, later began to use in the hospital operating room, today the application is in the very wide food industry, catering, schools, and other fields. These years began to apply to home use, then how to use it?

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1 Classification of UV lamps

  1. Ozone UV lamps: ozone has a strong oxidizing effect, can effectively kill bacteria, ozone dispersion can precisely make up for the shortcomings of disinfection due to UV only along a straight line, there are dead ends. At the same time, there is an ozone UV lamp, ozone can harm the human mucous membrane. Suitable for cabinets, refrigerators, washing machines, restrooms, kitchens, and other places. People can bring ozone sterilization disinfection more thoroughly when they are not at home.
  2. No ozone UV lamps: people can enter the room immediately after sterilization, but UV light only spreads along a straight line with dead ends and is not complete. At the same time, when the amount of UV radiation is insufficient, it may not achieve the sterilization effect. Suitable for the bedroom living room, the family has the elderly and children recommended to use ozone-free UV lamps.
USL004 uv light002

2. How to use the UV lamp correctly?

  1.  UV germicidal lamp before starting to work, you must ensure that the field of no one, pets, animals, and plants. Otherwise, the UV light after the light is turned on will cause harm to people.
  2. UV long-term trial will cause fading of the object being illuminated, paintings and antique tobacco and wine please keep properly.
  3. The use of ozone-based UV lamps should be sealed space before sterilization more thoroughly, after use to maintain ventilation for more than 30 minutes to no odor.
  4. Operating errors caused by UV damage, such as direct stimulation of the eyes, may trigger eye conjunctiva, corneal inflammation, cataract, or even blindness, by the injury should promptly seek medical attention.
  5. Keep the lamp surface clean, a week or two weeks with 75% to 80% (volume ratio) ethanol cotton ball wipe once. When you find dust and oil on the surface of the lamp, you should wipe it in time.