Most microorganisms are sensitive to the ultraviolet rays emitted by UV lamps at low temperatures, but in general, ambient temperatures between 5 °C and 37 °C have little effect on the bactericidal efficacy of UV lamps, and room temperatures between 20 °C and 40 °C provide the highest and most stable radiation intensity.

Need to be careful when using the UV lamp!

Exposure of the human eye and skin to ultraviolet light for long periods of time can cause damage. Therefore, the operator must be taken to avoid the risk of electro-optical ophthalmia due to accidental exposure. The eye is the most sensitive area to violet rays, and studies have shown that violet rays with a wavelength of 230 nm are fully absorbed by the corneal epithelium, while those with a wavelength of 280 nm are the most damaging to the cornea and eye. Wavelengths between 290 nm and 400 nm can cause damage to the lens.So it is recommended to use the wavelength of 222 nm UV lamp, this wavelength of UV lamp germicidal disinfection at the same time, but also will not hurt the eyes. The price is also close to the price of ordinary UVC lamps, which is the future direction of disinfection.

UV Lamp

Ozone can be produced during disinfection by UV lamps, which can irritate the respiratory mucosa and can cause poisoning when there is too much ozone, and the concentration of ozone should not exceed 0.3 mg per cubic meter. Prevent this by using an ozone-free violet external lamp or by using a normal violet external lamp 30 minutes after the end of disinfection before entering the disinfection room to prevent unnecessary injury.

When the relative humidity in the air is greater than 80%, it will affect the penetration of ultraviolet radiation in the air, and the disinfection effect of the UV light will be significantly reduced, so the disinfection method such as spraying or fumigation should be used instead of the UV light.

The lamp should be kept clean. Dust accumulation and dustiness will impact the disinfection effect of the UV lamp. Avoid high or over-positioning of the lamp and position the lamp as centrally as possible in the room for even illumination.