Each vet, as well as experienced pet owners, gives different answers. I have summarized whether it is possible to use a UV lamp to disinfect the home to prevent other cats from getting feline distemper? Of course, the best way is to give other cats the relevant vaccine to produce antibodies, then it is foolproof.

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1 Some disinfection methods

1. Throw away all items used by the sick cat and spotless the hygiene of the place where the cat has been, especially the nooks and crannies, and the place where the cat vomited and defecated secretions.

2. Chemical disinfectant of any kind: 2% kerosene water, 30 times sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution, (the most common 84 disinfectants), formalin disinfectant, one of the above disinfectants, spray disinfection, remember that must be in accordance with the normal proportion, not too high nor too low, twice a day.

uv lamp

3. After chemical disinfection, irradiate with UV lamp for more than 60 minutes at intervals of 2 hours or more. At least 2 times a day.

4. Open windows for diligent ventilation and receive sunlight.

This is a long-term process, the time recommended by all types of cat doctors are different, on average, at least three months, because disinfection is a very detailed process, due to the different levels of operation of doctors and individuals, some people say a month is almost done, that is built on his professional disinfection operation, the level of personal operation certainly can not be compared with the doctor, so it is recommended that the longer the process, the higher the safety factor The longer the process, the higher the safety factor.

uv lamp3

2 Germicidal blind spots of the UV lamp

uv lamp

  1. Only to the object (food) sterilization of the upper surface, not to the object under the surface sterilization.
  2. When multiple objects overlap, can not give the object overlap part of the surface sterilization.
  3. Can only sterilize the external surface of the object, not the internal sterilization of the object! That is to say, ultraviolet light (invisible light) can not be irradiated in places that can not play the role of sterilization.
  4. When disinfecting with a vertical disinfection lamp, there should be no one and no cats. If you use a handheld UV lamp, you should avoid people and cats.