What if you don’t have enough masks in the fight against COVID-19?What should you do if you want to disinfect your underwears, cellphone, toothbrush and other items to maintain healthy resistance to COVID-19?? Don’t worry, the UV disinfectant box helps you! Let’s read on.

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1 How to use the UV disinfectant box to disinfect the mask?

When the COVID-19 epidemic is severe and there is a severe oversupply of mask capacity, only increased mask utilization can be achieved. Studies have shown that the COVID-19 is sensitive to UV light and heat. Simply place the used mask in the box, which is set up with a UV lamp and sterilized for 10 to 30 minutes. UV light destroys the nucleus in the cells of the microbial organism, killing viruses and bacteria. The UV disinfectant box can also be used to sterilize mobile phones, with dual UV lamps for safe sterilization and multiple uses for a healthy lifestyle.

2 The features of the disinfection box

The COVID-19 epidemic has made us realize the importance of disinfection, not only at special times but also in our daily lives, where we should have more convenient and practical disinfection objects to develop hygienic habits. The UVC box can be placed at the entrance to the house and fixed to the wall by suction cups. Put your mobile phone, keys, masks, etc. in the box for disinfection after entering the house. To a certain extent, this prevents viruses from being brought into the home. The box displays the remaining time for UV disinfection and the local weather forecast, making it easy to get around. In addition, a suction cup removable portable disinfectant and cleaning spray is placed next to the box, available in various colors and interchangeable.

UV Disinfectant Box
UV Disinfectant Box