Many people are not unfamiliar with a UV disinfection bag. Especially before and after the epidemic, it is necessary to use disinfection kits at home. Today I will tell you what can be used, and what cannot be used, and how to use it? Simple little knowledge is indispensable.

Ultraviolet disinfection bags are generally not large. Put the corresponding small objects according to the size of the bag, such as toys, books, cards, inner clothes, jewelry, water cups, keychains, mice, mobile phones. This kind of germ is easy to get on your hands and enters from the mouth, especially if there are children in the family, there must be hygiene problems.

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1 Take a UV disinfection bag with you to isolate pathogens

Ultraviolet rays will disinfect the irradiated items, and carry the items that need to be used on the disinfection package with you to disinfect them at any time to avoid secondary infections.

UDA004 UVC Bag

2 It may not necessarily kill COVID-19, but it can be highly prevented

At present, no UVC sterilizer manufacturer has obtained a virus sample, so it is impossible to conduct experiments on the product’s killing effect on the virus. However, UVC ultraviolet rays have an inactivating effect. The unique UVC ultraviolet technology puts the items that need to be disinfected into the disinfection bag. Irradiation can directly destroy the virus and bacterial DNA on the article, and achieve the purpose of green, safe, and environmentally friendly disinfection. It is inferred from this that Huitemei’s multifunctional UVC bag may have a killing effect on the COVID-19.