UV lamp at home is actually very effective in sterilization, and cannot be considered a scam. The scam generally does not refer to these appliances that are not very useful and have no direct relationship between their technological content and their own price. The specific utilization of germicidal UVC lamps is still quite high, when you think about it, in addition to this commodity, in a short period of time can be sterilized with a high probability, there seems to be no substitute, the price is at most a few hundred dollars.

For the often mentioned actual effect and safety factor, according to different brands and commodity characteristics, there will still be differences, depending on the adequacy of product development and timely investment. Let’s start with the essential fundamentals, and you’ll know how to choose.

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1 UV lamp disinfection principle

ultraviolet light is can be divided into UVA, UVB, UVC, 3 kinds of ultraviolet light.

These three types of ultraviolet light are used for certain germicidal disinfection effects, is now also a broad-spectrum germicidal disinfection method, you can disinfect the surface of objects, indoor air quality, water, and other liquids in sterilization. But short and medium wave UVC is very harmful to the body, short time burns skin, long-term or high toughness skin cancer. There are two general categories of UVC germicidal lamps on the market today: simple UVC lamps and activated oxygen lamps.

usl003 uv lamp

2 UVC ultraviolet sterilization time.

At this stage, UVC sterilization efficiency is still very high, there is no promotion of technology. Germicidal efficiency of 99% -99.9%, the general sterilization time of several bacteria and viruses is generally within 1 second. Traditional hydrogen activated oxygen and other organic chemical disinfection methods generally take 20 minutes to 1 hour to achieve the actual germicidal effect of UVC, a big difference.

In fact, that very simple initial UVC germicidal lamp we can see in many places, as long as the area irradiated by UVC can be reasonably disinfected.

For reactive oxygen species, the key to sterilization is that it is an oxidizing agent that can cause bacteria to lose specificity according to the redox reaction of cell biology.

This aspect is added mainly to better fill the bug that UV light can only be directed.

Safety factor.

There is also some talk about whether there is a greater risk of reactive oxygen species. It is well known about this aspect that people cannot be present when lighting disinfection sterilization is performed in a confined space. In the case of UV disinfection lamps with activated oxygen, the disinfection sterilization is naturally ventilated for at least 30 minutes before entering, and this type of attention should be well marked.

However, there is no doubt that household items cannot be as simple as those used immediately in public places. Nowadays, well-known brands choose between UV light and active oxygen to have a better safety factor and expected results. The more common basic models are generally made to look like air purifiers, based on giving up active oxygen and choosing only UV.

Of course, there are some brands of UV germicidal lamps are UV + activated oxygen two-in-one disinfection sterilization. Technically you can trust, intelligent aspects also do a good job. The safety factor level improves the intelligent identification and maintenance functions of the UV lamp body, which can be used in different indoor space areas. Only confined spaces can stimulate the ozone disinfection function, so it will be convenient even in the home environment.

Overall, some UV killing and disinfection lamps on the market are still very trustworthy.