The simplest and most common way to get rid of mites is to dry the quilts or clothes in the sun, the quilts to get rid of mites is to rely on the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the high temperature at noon. The same is ultraviolet light. Can the UV lamp kill mites?

I can tell you that the UV lamp can kill mites, but there are conditions attached.

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1 The UV lamp on the market can really kill mites?

There are basically no mite lights on the market, they are called UV disinfection germicidal lights, UV disinfection lights can remove mites, but the mites will not be too thorough. The reason is that the mites will move, UV disinfection can only be disinfected where UV light can be irradiated, disinfection area is only the surface of the object, the mites move to the clothing bedding, UV light can not, so the effect of mite removal may be very little.


1) In practice, can UV light kill mites?

Definitely, not to mention mites, even people will be burned under the UV disinfection lamp, so that if you have a UV disinfection lamp at home, you must pay attention to the use of safety when using it, and must not move around in the disinfection area when disinfecting.

2) Is the effect of ventilation on the effect of mite removal significant?

Yes, ventilation affects the temperature and humidity as a way to affect the growth environment of mites. Or no ventilation, try to use the UV disinfection lamp with ozone mite disinfection sterilization.

2 Is the effect of killing mites with UV lamps practical for people with allergies?

If it is said that simply using UV disinfection lamps to kill mites, it can be divided into two cases. One is the UV disinfection lamp with the ozone disinfection lamp, one is the UV disinfection lamp without ozone. The UV disinfection lamp without ozone, as we said, may not be ideal for mite removal. There is another situation is the use of UV disinfection lamp with ozone, this UV disinfection lamp than without ozone mite strong, in a particular case mite effect is possible, the particular case is sealed chant, high concentration of ozone has a disinfection sterilization effect, a sealed environment is possible to do sterilization mite removal

UV Disinfection Lamp

1) UV lamps can produce ozone?

No, generally commercially available UV disinfection lamps are divided into two kinds, with ozone, and without ozone, the specific choice depends mainly on personal needs.

A. Ozone UV Lamp

Advantages: UV + ozone dual sterilization 360 ° no dead-end sterilization, in addition to irradiation to get the place can be sterilized, ozone can also be unable to deep disinfection of the place also disinfected clean, and there is the effect of odor elimination in addition to formaldehyde.

Disadvantages: the use of the process will have a very strong ozone smell, ozone is hazardous, requiring a longer ventilation time of 50 minutes or more. It is recommended that large residential, more stacked items, more dead ends, long-term sunlight can not be used in places with good ventilation.

B. Ozone-Free UV Lamp

Advantages: equivalent to pure ultraviolet sunlight irradiation disinfection principle sterilization and mite removal, after the end of use only need to ventilate about 20 minutes can enter the room activities, disinfection, and sterilization after almost no residue.

Disadvantages: disinfection sterilization has a dead-end, UV light irradiation can not be disinfected in places, it is recommended that the room is open and not too many dead ends, and ventilation conditions are weak room use. Use should try to add some height in order to shine in more places. As for the choice with ozone or without ozone, you can follow their own actual situation to determine the purchase of UV disinfection lamps with ozone, be sure to read the instructions carefully before use!


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