A sudden epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of everyone’s life. But at the same time, the epidemic has also made more and more people pay attention to personal hygiene and health. In addition to wearing masks outside the home, more and more attention is being paid to using UV lamps to disinfect the home.

The most common method is to use alcohol and disinfectant for indoor disinfection. However, there are many hidden dangers in the actual use. First, the 75% concentration of alcohol, as we all know, alcohol is extremely flammable, not to mention touching the open fire, is the current dry winter, inadvertently generated by static electricity, can cause great danger. As for disinfectant, and if there are pets at home, both disinfectant, or its phenol-based disinfectant, the harm to pets is also great.

In addition to 75% alcohol, all kinds of disinfectants, there is actually a good way to disinfect, which is the use of ultraviolet lamps to disinfect. Of course, at present, UV lamps, like masks and disinfectants, are also scarce products, and it is difficult to buy them in a short time. But never mind, I thought of the UVC lamp seen in hospitals, let me first tell you about the principle of disinfection of UV lamps, how to choose, and what issues need attention when using them.

usl003 uv lamp

1 UV Lamps? Do you know them?

The so-called ultraviolet light is the light in the spectrum of 100-400 nm, between X-rays and visible light. Depending on the wavelength, UV light can be further divided into UVA, UVB, UVC, and UVD, which we will not discuss here in the medium and long wavelengths, focusing on short-wave ultraviolet (UVC) and vacuum ultraviolet (UVD).

UVC short-wave ultraviolet, which is a wavelength between 200-280 nanometers, penetration ability is very weak, ordinary glass, plastic products can easily block. But its killing ability is very strong, and disinfection of bacteria is to take advantage of this, and can not directly irradiate the human body.

Another kind of UVD vacuum ultraviolet, wavelength between 100-200 nanometers, penetration ability is very weak but can make the oxygen in the air oxidation to ozone.

2 Ultraviolet lamp disinfection principle

The main working principle of UV lamps is to use the released UV light to inactivate bacteria and viruses in order to achieve the effect of disinfection. Specific to the specific working principle of the UV lamp, we must mention the UV lamp light source, currently mainly by two light sources: gas discharge light source and solid-state light source.

We can usually buy basically all gas discharge light source classes of UV lamps, mainly low-pressure mercury lamps. Its working principle is the same as fluorescent lamps, but the mercury vapor inside the lamp is filled, and the mercury atoms inside the tube are excited by electricity to produce ultraviolet light. Low-pressure mercury vapor generally produces mainly 254 nm UVC UV and 185 nm UVD UV.