With the spread of the COVID-19, it is very important to disinfect hospitals properly. Let’s use UV Light Sterilizer to eliminate COVID-19 in hospitals!

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1 Why do hospitals need UV Light Sterilizer?

Facts have proved that ultraviolet rays (UV) emitted at UV Light Sterilizer can eliminate tough viruses and bacteria, which makes the hospital’s ultraviolet sterilizer disinfection system an important tool to resist health care bacteria. The hospital is creating miracles every day, and the dedicated medical staff and medical progress are changing with each passing day. Despite careful disinfection of hospital rooms and equipment, patients still get infected during hospitalization. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a hospital, approximately 1 in 31 patients will receive at least 1 HAI every day. In total, nearly 1.7 million patients are infected with another health problem each year, of which about 98,000 (1 in 17 people die from HAI). Infection of HAI during the hospital stay usually prolongs the patient’s time in the hospital. If infected with super bacteria, it may cause catastrophic consequences!

UV Light Sterilizer
UV Light Sterilizer Hospital TOP1 Disinfection Solutions

2 UV Light Sterilizer eliminates super bacteria in hospitals

Facts have proved that ultraviolet disinfectants used in hospitals can reduce harmful pathogens, including some of the most dangerous super bacteria. Some of the most difficult bacteria to treat include methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficult, vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), and Acinetobacter. Patients infected with one of these superbugs will need to be hospitalized for a long time and may require intensive care. Infections from one of these superbugs are difficult to treat because they can survive in the environment for a long time, so that even after the infected patient leaves the room and cleans it, the infection may be transmitted to the next patient. Ultraviolet rays are helping hospitals reduce the spread of the toughest superbugs that remain in the wards and cause new infections. Facts have proved that ultraviolet rays in UVC wavelengths (especially 254 nm) can eliminate even the most stubborn super bacteria, and are helping hospitals to reduce the spread of infections. UV Light Sterilizers have been used in HVAC units in hospitals to clean and disinfect the air, as well as in UVC robots that roam in empty wards and emit powerful UV radiation.

3 Enhanced disinfection effect is effective in hospitals

It has been proven that UV disinfection can effectively reduce the spread of diseases in hospitals when used in conjunction with typical manual cleaning practices and has nothing to do with manual cleaning processes. Ultraviolet rays can disinfect hard-to-reach places and are helping hospitals around the world fight the spread of harmful super bacteria. Although the ultraviolet disinfectant in the hospital works well, it cannot replace the manual cleaning method According to a study by the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC), before and after the chemical disinfection, the microbial load of the internal and external objects in the OR environment was chemically disinfected, and ultraviolet light previously reduced the active microbial load by 92% to 97.7%. To the sterilization box. Ultraviolet rays also reduce the microbial burden on objects outside the operating room without prior chemical disinfection, with an effect of 96.3% to 99.6%. UV disinfectants are helping hospitals around the world prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms, including superbugs, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and even volatile organic compounds (VOC).

UV Light Sterilizer Hospital TOP1 Disinfection Solutions
UV Light Sterilizer Hospital TOP1 Disinfection Solutions

4 UVCA Group‘s germicidal lamp technology leads the industry

UVCA Group leads the UVC germicidal lamp industry and provides support to OEMs in many industries including healthcare. We design, design and manufacture high-performance UV germicidal lamps for UV sterilizer hospital systems and many other disinfection applications. Our lighting engineers have deep technical knowledge of ultraviolet radiation and can provide custom-designed solutions to meet your needs through specially designed samples and verification through Beta testing. Our proprietary technologies include LongLife+, which can extend the life of germicidal lamps to 16,000 hours, provides shatterproof properties to improve safety and eliminate the possibility of mercury contamination. Save

We offer a wide range of high-tech UV germicidal lamps that can be used for almost any application, including air sterilizer, water sterilizer, and surface disinfection. Our UV germicidal lamps include:

  • Low-pressure mercury lamps-various technologies available, such as standard and high output, soft glass, quartz glass, and amalgam lamps. Ozone generating lamps and special lamps are also provided.
  • Low-pressure amalgam lamps-Compared with standard lamps of the same size, our amalgam lamps can produce up to 3 times the UVC output. We provide off-the-shelf and particle amalgam technology. The patented particle amalgam lamp is designed to provide higher UVC output under full power and dimming conditions.
  • Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Lamps (MPUV)-we have many advancements in MPUV technology, providing lamps for curing and MPUV disinfection lamps designed to radiate specific wavelengths of energy. Our UV lamp engineers can customize the design of MPUV lamps according to your requirements.
  • Quartz sleeve – Use dome-shaped quartz or an open quartz sleeve made of high-quality materials to protect your lamp without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Electronic Ballast-Our electronic ballast provides high power and high efficiency with a lightweight design. They work with multiple supply voltages and are insensitive to line voltage changes.

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