UV Light Tube are inexpensive, with a wide range of models and various appearances. They are widely used in large public places, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, stations, etc. UV lamp tubes can be used not only for daily air disinfection, but also for water disinfection, which is well received in water plants and farms. In daily life, it can be used as a lamp replacement for UV table lamps, Handheld UV lamp, UVC bags, UVC boxes, and air purifiers,  etc., which greatly saves money and ensures sterilization effect.

UVCA UV Lamp Tubes are completely customizable from the print on the box down to the custom insert that holds your products in place – so, you will get completely upgraded sterilizers!

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UV Light Tube

UV-C Light Bulb

An ultraviolet lamp with ozone (optional) is a traditional model for many labs, medical facilities…

UV light tubes are a special type of tube that produces ultraviolet light (UVC) peaking at 253.7nm. This short-wave ultraviolet light disrupts the RNA of COVID-19. It can also be used to produce ozone for disinfection

  • – Emits UV-C light and make the organisms unable to reproduce, creating a cleaner environment;
  • – Offers constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy.


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Jacquelyn,Purchasing Manager
I am a new client to UVCA, and they touch me once I got the reply from their salesteam. UVC box is a totally new products and business for me and my company. They did a great job in the trail order. Look forward to my next shipment!
Alonso, Product Engineer
UVCA teams is great. I am a little confused when they ask me to write a review. But everything is okay. All of my products has arrived before and I am start selling on my website now. If any quality problem happened, will update later.
Anthony, Purchasing Manager
I am just a buyer who only need 1 piece for my house. thanks for the UVCA team I finally got uv sterilizer, quality assured UV lamps. I know many people are in panic due to the COVID-19. Keep safe and be healthy. Or just get a sterilize products in your house.


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We have large quantity of uvc products in stock and R&D laboratory , high quality standard, Inspection service and full refund policy for all of our clients around the world. We can provide quality corresponding to different prices.

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  • Plugs
  • Packing Design,
  • Remote Control

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