Ultraviolet is a kind of low-energy electromagnetic wave. Because of its good sterilization effect, it is widely used in medical, sanitation, and epidemic prevention, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and other sectors. However, how to use the UVC light correctly to ensure its sterilization effect, extend the service life of the lamp tube, and avoid accidental injury, requires every operator to master it first, and now I will talk about the experience in the past few years.

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1 The principle of ultraviolet disinfection

Using ultraviolet radiation, the bacterial protein is photolyzed and denatured, and the amino acid, nucleic acid, and enzyme of the bacterial body are destroyed and die. At the same time, when ultraviolet rays pass through the air, the oxygen in the air is ionized to produce ozone, which strengthens the sterilization effect.

2 Ultraviolet disinfection method

Ultraviolet rays are mostly used for disinfection of air and surfaces, with a wavelength of 2573A. For air disinfection, the effective distance does not exceed Zm, the irradiation time is 30~60min, for the disinfection of items, the effective distance is 25~60cm, the irradiation time is 20-30min, and the timer starts from the light on 5-7min (the light needs to be preheated for a certain period of time, In order to ionize the oxygen in the air to produce ozone).

3 UVC light disinfection measures

1) Because we all use ultraviolet radiation for air disinfection, we must first ensure that the lamp is intact and used correctly, and at the same time, the lamp should be monitored regularly. The intensity of the UVC light should be replaced in time if the intensity is less than 70uwc/lining. . The lamp should be kept clean. The surface of the lamp tube should be lightly tested with an alcohol cotton ball every 1 to 2 weeks to remove dust and grease, so as to reduce the factors that affect the penetration of ultraviolet rays.

2) The UV lamp should be handled with care. Turning on the lamp immediately after turning off the lamp will reduce the lamp life. It should be cooled for 3 to 4 minutes and then turned on. It can be used continuously for 4 hours, but ventilation and heat dissipation should be good to maintain the life of the lamp.

3) The treatment room should be kept clean and dry at all times, and the treatment room should be wiped with a special cloth soaked in disinfectant every day. Mop the floor with a special mop.

4) Regulate the daily monitoring and registration items of ultraviolet lamps. It must be registered in separate rooms and lamps. The registration book includes the lamp activation date, daily disinfection time, cumulative time, performer’s signature, and intensity monitoring registration. It is required to record carefully after disinfection so that The execution is consistent with the record.

5) Use an ultraviolet intensity indicator card or an intensity monitor to measure the intensity of the lamp first to ensure that the intensity of the new lamp is 100. Above w/c lining. After replacing the new lamp, the use time of the mold meter restarts to count. After the cumulative use time of the lamp reaches 1000h, contact the professional staff of hospital infection monitoring in time to monitor the radiation intensity of the lamp. If it is qualified, continue to use it, and if it is not qualified, replace it in time. Lamp tube to ensure the disinfection effect of the ultraviolet lamp.

6)When air disinfection, open all cabinet doors, drawers, etc. In order to ensure that all spaces in the treatment room are fully exposed, they are all irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and there are no dead ends when disinfection.

7) Strengthen management and supervision of some outpatient clinics, laboratories, and other departments. It is recommended to install ultraviolet lamp timer switches in the outpatient department, which can prevent the waste of power and the effective life of the lamps due to negligence and forgetting to turn off the lights.

8) Staff should make work arrangements before ultraviolet disinfection to avoid walking in the room during the disinfection process, which will affect the disinfection effect and receive unnecessary exposure; when the monitoring nurse monitors the intensity of the lamp, due to a large number of lamps, the When monitoring, you must wear protective goggles and protective clothing; in the ward with ultraviolet lamps, the switch of the ultraviolet lamp should be separated from other ordinary lamps or be marked, and the patient and family members should be explained to the patient and family members not to turn on the ultraviolet light at will Lights, so as not to cause bad consequences.

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4 Use and maintenance

With the promotion of emerging UV coatings, inks, and other photopolymer materials and ultraviolet radiation light sources, the use of ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamps in printing and coating industries has become more and more widespread. However, because the operators do not know much about this technology, use There are also many problems in China. As a manufacturer of UV light sources, we will inform you of the precautions as follows:

  1. The ultraviolet lamp must be matched with the same matched ballast, magnetic leakage transformer, and capacitor before it can be used.
  1. It must be installed in accordance with the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer.
  1. The lightbox where the lamp tube is installed must be equipped with a good air-cooling system to ensure the heat dissipation of the lamp tube and prevent the substrate from being thermally deformed.
  1. Before the tube is installed on the machine, it is necessary to wipe off the fingerprints and oil stains on the outer wall of the lamp with gauze and alcohol, otherwise, it will cause the lamp to lose transparency after ignition. If the UV curing material has a higher content of volatile solvents or work There is dust pollution in the environment, please wipe the lamp tube with alcohol every other week to ensure that the lamp tube does not devitrify prematurely.
  1. During the whole process of use, keep good contact between the lamp cap and the contact point of the lamp, otherwise, it will cause serious oxidation of the lamp cap and cause the lamp seal to burst.
  1. The UV lamp can only be started when it is cooled down. ; When restarting, you need to wait for the UV lamp to cool down completely before starting, 5 minutes later; the more frequent the switch, the shorter the lamp life
  1. The average lifespan of the high-pressure mercury lamp in Xinguangguang Light Source Factory is 00-1000 hours, and the surface temperature of the lamp tube during normal operation is 600~700℃. Mainly related to the number of lamp starts.
  1. It is strictly forbidden for the lamp and transformer to work under overloaded conditions to avoid lamp explosion or transformer burnt-out accidents. The power supply voltage should not fluctuate too much. If it drops more than 5% suddenly, it may go out by itself. Anything that causes the lamp to burst due to the burning of the lamp cap does not belong to the internal quality of the lamp. It is purely improper use and will not be returned.
  1. The transformer must have good natural ventilation conditions to facilitate heat dissipation.