More than two years has passed since the epidemic began. The effects of epidemic control in many countries and regions have not been satisfactory. In addition to the factors that cause people to wear masks spontaneously, health control in public places is also an area that needs to be focused on. Therefore, it is not difficult to predict the popularity of many disinfection products in the market. Such as disinfecting alcohol, ultraviolet lamp, and air purifier.

The advantages and disadvantages of these products are very obvious. Industrial disinfection alcohol requires a certain amount of manpower and material resources, and the ultraviolet lamp with a wavelength of 254 nanometers will cause certain harm to the human body and cannot continue to sterilize the environment. Therefore, there are currently two alternatives that are more popular with everyone.

  • The first one is a germicidal lamp with a wavelength of 222nm. At this wavelength, ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate the stratum corneum of the human body, so there is no harm to the human body.
  • The second is an air purifier. This product is also based on the principle of ultraviolet sterilization, but the ultraviolet is installed inside the product to purify the indoor air by filtering. This article will focus on introducing several practical air purifier.

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1. Vertical air purifier

This air purifier uses the latest HEPA-14 filter, which can meet the testing standards of most European Union countries, and has a built-in 254nm ultraviolet lamp. It can be used in offices and rooms of about 40 square meters, and the indoor air can be purified in about 40 minutes. The filtration standard can reach the fifth level, activated carbon filter.

UAP001 Air Purifier

2. Wall-mounted air purifier

This product can be fixed on the wall of a room or elevator, and used in public places and other well-ventilated places. This air purifier adds a high-energy ion tube, which can make the purified air fresher and feel mountainous.

The filtration standard can reach the highest level sixth grade, ion generator.

UAP003 Air Purifier

3. Several elements of buying an air purifier

When purchasing an air purifier, you may need to consider the following factors:

  • Filter element cost: The replacement cycle of the filter element is different, some filter elements are expensive, and some are affordable;
  • Room size: Each air purifier is suitable for a certain size of space, please choose according to the size of your room to ensure the best purification effect;
  • Energy consumption: air purifiers need to be operated around the clock, and electricity costs need to be considered;
  • Noise: Quiet air purifiers are often more popular with everyone;
UAP005 Air Purifier