With the spread of COVID-19, it is very necessary to find a quick and effective disinfection method! Have you heard of UV disinfection lamps? What is UV disinfection lamp? How does UV light kill COVID-19 in our daily life? Let’s read on.

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1. What is UV disinfection lamp?

UV Disinfection Lamps are also called ultraviolet germicidal lamps and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps. A lamp that uses the sterilization effect of ultraviolet rays for sterilization and disinfection. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp radiates ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.7nm. Ultraviolet rays in this band have the strongest sterilization ability and can be used to sterilize water, air, clothing, etc. The commonly used ultraviolet disinfection lamps in pig farms have specifications of 15W, 20W, 30W, and 40W, and the use voltage is 220V. They are mainly used for disinfection and sterilization of personnel. They are generally installed in disinfection lockers, veterinary rooms, and laboratories. The bacteria and viruses carried on the clothes can be killed by being irradiated by the ultraviolet disinfection lamp for about 5 minutes. It can also be used for air disinfection in laboratories and operating rooms that require clean air. The bacteria in the air can be killed after 30 minutes of irradiation. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are mainly divided into a high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure. The disinfection application is mainly low pressure. According to national standards, the average life span is 8000 hours. Some excellent products have reached 13,000 hours of life

UVC ray

2.UV light application

  1. Application in surface sterilization. UV surface sterilization devices are widely used in food, electronics, semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, plasma TVs, crystal vibrators, precision devices, chemicals, medicine, health care, biology, beverages, agriculture, and other fields. The UV light source illuminates the surface of food, materials, etc., has a fast, efficient, and pollution-free sterilization effect, thereby maintaining the high quality of the product. Compared with traditional sterilization methods, surface sterilization has the characteristics of fast sterilization, continuous processing and batch processing, simple operation, environmental protection, and no secondary pollution.
  2. Application in water treatment. There are two methods of using ultraviolet germicidal lamps for water treatment: immersion type and over-current type. Putting the ultraviolet lamp directly into the water is called the immersion type; putting the ultraviolet lamp into the sleeve for use is called the over-current type. The main method used is over-current. The working principle of the over-flow equipment is that a water flow of a certain flow rate generated by a water pump flows through the periphery of a quartz sleeve that can transmit ultraviolet rays, and the ultraviolet rays are generated by the ultraviolet lamp to disinfect and sterilize the water. Its characteristic is that the water flow velocity is very fast, generally not more than 1s when the quartz jacket flows through, so the ultraviolet intensity of the germicidal lamp is required to be very high, and the surface intensity is generally required to exceed 30,000uw/cm2.
  3. Application in medical environmental sanitation. The use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps to sterilize air has a history of decades in hospitals. There are static air direct irradiation methods and flowing air disinfection methods. The static air direct irradiation method uses ultraviolet disinfection lamps to irradiate directly. The disadvantage is that the places that cannot be irradiated cannot be disinfected, and people cannot be present during disinfection. The flowing air disinfection method uses a dynamic air disinfection machine, which can just make up for the above two defects. The working principle of the mobile air disinfection machine is to sterilize the air passing through the disinfection machine through indoor air circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfecting the entire indoor air. The structure of this type of disinfection machine mostly uses the housing of the indoor unit of the household air conditioner. Mobile air disinfection machines have been developed into various disinfection equipment including sterilization air conditioners and air purifiers. The use is also popularized, and products that were only used in hospitals in the past have gone to homes, offices, and announcement places. The functions are also diversified. Products that were only used for sterilization in the past can be used for health care and prevention, and become health-related products.
UV Disinfection Lamp